DIODE Working Papers

1. Defining, Conceptualising and Measuring the Digital Economy (Rumana Bukht & Richard Heeks)

2. Digital Enterprises in Africa: A Synthesis of Current Evidence (Richard Boateng, Joseph Budu, Alfred Sekyere Mbrokoh, Eric Ansong, Sheena Lovia Boateng & Augustus Barnnet Anderson)

DIODE Member Publications

Spring 2017

Mobile Economy 2017 (GSMA)

Digital Start-Ups in the Global South: Embeddedness, Digitality and Peripherality in Latin America (University of Manchester)

Reaping Digital Dividends : Leveraging the Internet for Development in Europe and Central Asia (World Bank)

How to Resist the Exploitation of Digital Gig Workers (Red Pepper)

The Risks and Rewards of Online Gig Work At the Global Margins (University of Oxford)

Reconsidering the Role of the Digital in Global Production Networks (Global Networks)

Engagement in the Knowledge Economy: Regional Patterns of Content Creation with a Focus on Sub-Saharan Africa (Information Technologies & International Development)

Digital Labour and Development: Impacts of Global Digital Labour Platforms and the Gig Economy on Worker Livelihoods (Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research)

Policy Primer on the Internet of Everything (International Chamber of Commerce)