DIODE Briefings

1. Digital Economy Policy in Developing Countries: Strategy Brief

2. Digital Economies and Development: A Research Agenda

DIODE Working Papers

1. Defining, Conceptualising and Measuring the Digital Economy (Rumana Bukht & Richard Heeks)

2. Digital Enterprises in Africa: A Synthesis of Current Evidence (Richard Boateng, Joseph Budu, Alfred Sekyere Mbrokoh, Eric Ansong, Sheena Lovia Boateng & Augustus Barnnet Anderson)

3. Digital Economy and Digital Labour Terminology: Making Sense of the “Gig Economy”, “Online Labour”, “Crowd Work”, “Microwork”, “Platform Labour”, Etc (Richard Heeks)

4. Decent Work and the Digital Gig Economy: A Developing Country Perspective on Employment Impacts and Standards in Online Outsourcing, Crowdwork, etc (Richard Heeks)

5. Digital Labour in Africa: A Status Report (Jean-Paul van Belle & Selina Mudavanhu)

6. Digital Economy Policy in Developing Countries (Rumana Bukht & Richard Heeks)

7. Digital Economy Policy: The Case Example of Thailand (Rumana Bukht & Richard Heeks)

8. Digital Platforms in the Global South: Foundations and Research Agenda (Kari Koskinen, Carla Bonina & Ben Eaton)

9. The Platform Economy and Digital Work: A Developmental State Perspective (Balaji Parthasarathy & Oindrila Matilal)

DIODE Member Publications

Summer 2020

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Freedom, Flexibility, Precarity and Vulnerability in the Gig Economy in Africa by Anwar, M. Aand Graham, M.

Cultivating Open Government Data Platform Ecosystems through Governance: Lessons from Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Montevideo (open access) by Carla Bonina and Ben Eaton

Digital Entrepreneurship in Africa How a Continent Is Escaping Silicon Valley’s Long Shadow by Friederici, N., Wahome, M., and Graham, M.

Digital Labour at Economic Margins: African Workers and the Global Information Economy by Anwar, M. Aand Graham, M.

Embeddedness of Digital Start-Ups in Development Contexts (open access) by Gerardo Quinones, Richard Heeks & Brian Nicholson

Entrepreneurial Networks for Development Crowdfunding Opportunities for Women in India by Endrit Kromidha, Nidhi Yadav, P Vigneswara Ilavarasan

Latecomer Economies and National Digital Policy: An Industrial Policy Perspective (open access) by Christopher Foster & Shamel Azmeh

Linking digital economy and inclusive development: evidence from Indonesia by Wirawan Agahari & Daya Sudrajat

Platform-led Upskilling: Marketplace Platforms as a Source of Livelihoods Training (open access) by Jonathan Donner, Marissa Dean, Jessica Osborn & Annabel Schiff

Pre-and post-launch emotions in new product development: Insights from twitter analytics of three products by Ashish Kumar Rathore, P Vigneswara Ilavarasan

Social inequalities, fundamental inequities, and recurring of the digital divide: Insights from India by Nidhi Tewathia, Anant Kamath, P Vigneswara Ilavarasan

Social, Commercial, or both? A quantitative study of the identity orientation of digital social innovations (open access, early view) by Carla Bonina, MariaRosa Scarlata and David Lopez-Berzosa

Spatially shaped imaginaries of the digital economy by Wahome, M., and Graham, M.

Technology for a social cause: TikTok and Asia’s mobile-first nations by Payal Arora

The effects of ideologies on IT in government: a critical discourse analysis of Mexico’s foreign trade administration (open access) by Chrisanthi Avgerou and Carla Bonina

The Fairwork Foundation: Strategies for improving platform work in a global context (open access) by Graham, M., Woodcock, J., Heeks, R., Mungai, P., Van Belle, J-P., du Toit, D., Fredman, S., Osiki, A., van der Spuy, A., Silberman, S.

The International Trade Regime and the Quest for Free Digital Trade (open access) by Shamel Azmeh, Christopher Foster & Jaime Echavarri

The Mirage and Politics of Participation in China’s Platform Economy by Julie Yujie Chen

Understanding and Managing Business—Development Hybrids: An Institutional Logics Case Analysis (open access) by Richard Heeks, Fareesa Malik, Brian Nicholson & Sharon Morgan

Spring 2019

All Africa Digital Economy Moonshot (video: World Bank)

An Empirical Study Factors that Influence the Digital Startup Sustainability: The Mixed Methods Approach in Indonesia (International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Information Systems)

Analysis of Factors that Influence Purchase Intention on Omni-channel Services (International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Information Systems)

Benign dataveillance? Examining novel data-driven governance systems in India and China (First Monday)

Changing Connectivity and Digital Economies at Global Margins (Digital Economies at Global Margins)

Chasing Innovation: Making Entrepreneurial Citizens in Modern India (Princeton University Press)

Digital Economies at Global Margins (MIT Press)

Digital service delivery shows potential for developing world (UNCTAD)

Digital utility: datafication, regulation, labor, and DiDi’s platformization of urban transport in China (Chinese Journal of Communication)

Donor Support to the Digital Economy in Developing Countries (UNCTAD)

Fairwork exposes exploitation in gig economy amid regulatory vacuum (Business Day)

Global e-Commerce sales surged to $29 trillion (UNCTAD)

Hackathons and the Cultivation of Platform Dependence (Digital Economies at Global Margins)

Holding platforms accountable to digital workers’ rights (New Internationalist)

How can we better regulate digital platform capitalism to protect workers? (LabourList)

Investigating the Protection of Customers’ Personal Data in the Ridesharing Applications: A Desk Research in Indonesia (15th International Conference on Electrical Engineering/Electronics, Computer, Telecommunications and Information Technology)

Making Digital Platforms Work for Development (UNCTAD)

Making Sense of Digital Disintermediation and Development: The Case of the Mombasa Tea Auction (Digital Economies at Global Margins)

Micro-Enterprise in the Platform Era (Mastercard Partnership for Finance in a Digital Africa)

Nairobi Manifesto on the Digital Economy and Inclusive Development in Africa (UNCTAD)

Networked but commodified: digital labour in the remote gig economy (New Internationalist)

Networked but Commodified: The (Dis)Embeddedness of Digital Labour in the Gig Economy (Sociology)

Requirements for Startup Survival with the Platform-based Business Model: A Qualitative Exploratory Study (International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Information Systems)

Revealing the Misuse of Motorcycle Ride-sharing Applications using Extended Deterrence Theory Approach (International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Information Systems)

The Digital Knowledge Economy Index: Mapping Content Production (The Journal of Development Studies)

The Global Gig Economy: Towards a Planetary Labour Market? (First Monday)

The Next Billion Users: Digital life beyond the West (Harvard University Press)

Two Models for a Fairer Sharing Economy (The Law of the Sharing Economy)

UNCTAD Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessments of African Least Developed Countries: Key Statistics, Findings And Recommendations (UNCTAD)

UNCTAD Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessments of Least Developed Countries: Policy Impact and Way Forward (UNCTAD)

Understanding the Customers’ Perception in Motorcycle Ride-Sharing on Personal Data Protection (International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Information Systems)

Uneven Digital Geographies…and Why They Matter (This is Not an Atlas)

Autumn 2018

Can African and Asian workers challenge exploitation in the gig economy? (New Internationalist)

Data-Driven Development (World Bank)

Digital Labour Platforms and the Future of Work (ILO)

Electronic government services in Brazil (Brazilian Journal of Public Administration)

Good gig, bad big: autonomy and algorithmic control in the global gig economy (Work, Employment and Society)

Hackathons and the cultivation of platform dependence (Digital Economies at Global Margins)

Negotiating engines of difference (Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience)

Online Labour Index: measuring the online gig economy for policy and research (Technological Forecasting and Social Change)

Policies for the Platform Economy (ITforChange)

The global platform economy: a new offshoring institution enabling emerging-economy microproviders (Journal of Management)

‘We can go anywhere’: understanding independence through a case study of ride-hailing use by people with visual impairments in metropolitan India (Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction 2)

Summer 2018

Adoption of Public WiFi using UTAUT2: An Exploration in an Emerging Economy (Procedia Computer Science)

Automation and Workforce in India: Terrible Consequences or Impossible? (Future of Work in the Global South)

Crowdsourcing as a Platform for Digital Labor Unions (International Journal of Communication)

Digital Connectivity and African Knowledge Economies (Questions de Communication)

ICT Policy Review: National E-commerce Strategy for Egypt (UNCTAD)

Lao People’s Democratic Republic: Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessment (UNCTAD)

Liberia Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessment (UNCTAD)

Myanmar Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessment (UNCTAD)

Nepal Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessment (UNCTAD)

Samoa Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessment (UNCTAD)

Social Media Research in and of India (Emerging Markets from a Multidisciplinary Perspective)

Technology and Innovation Report 2018 (UNCTAD)

Towards e-Commerce Legal Harmonization in the Caribbean (UNCTAD)

Workers of the Internet Unite? Online Freelancer Organisation among Remote Gig Economy Workers in Six Asian and African Countries (New Technology, Work and Employment)

Spring 2018

Could Online Gig Work Drive Development in Lower-Income Countries? (Future of Work in the Global South)

Digital Control in Value Chains: Challenges of Connectivity for East African Firms (Economic Geography)

Digital Hegemonies: The Localness of Search Engine Results (Annals of the American Association of Geographers)

Digital Labour (Digital Geographies)

From Crowdwork to Ola Auto: Can Platform Economies Improve Livelihoods in Emerging Markets? (Future of Work in the Global South)

Internet for All 2017 Review (World Economic Forum)

The Digital Trade Agenda and Africa (Bridges Africa)

The Rise of the Planetary Labour Market (New Statesman)

Towards a Fairer Platform Economy: Introducing the Fairwork Foundation (Alternate Routes)

What is the Future of Digital Development in 2028? (ICTworks)

Autumn 2017

Assessing the Impact of Digital Government in Colombia (OECD)

Bhutan Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessment (UNCTAD)

Cambodia Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessment (UNCTAD)

Digital Economy….How Are Developing Countries Performing? The Case of Egypt (MCIT)

Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) (Routledge)

Information Economy Report 2017: Digitalization, Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

Let’s Make Platform Capitalism More Accountable (New Internationalist)

Minimum Wages on Online Labour Platforms (University of Oxford)

OECD Digital Economy Outlook 2017 (OECD)

Samoa Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessment (UNCTAD)

Sociocultural Transitions and Developmental Impacts in the Digital Economy of Impact Sourcing (Information Systems Journal)

Thrown under the bus and outrunning it! The logic of Didi and taxi drivers’ labour and activism in the on-demand economy (New Media & Society)

Towards a Fairer Gig Economy (Meatspace Press)

Working Digital Money into a Cash Economy: The Collaborative Work of Loan Payment (Computer Supported Cooperative Work)

Spring 2017

Mobile Economy 2017 (GSMA)

Digital Start-Ups in the Global South: Embeddedness, Digitality and Peripherality in Latin America (University of Manchester)

Reaping Digital Dividends : Leveraging the Internet for Development in Europe and Central Asia (World Bank)

How to Resist the Exploitation of Digital Gig Workers (Red Pepper)

The Risks and Rewards of Online Gig Work At the Global Margins (University of Oxford)

Reconsidering the Role of the Digital in Global Production Networks (Global Networks)

Engagement in the Knowledge Economy: Regional Patterns of Content Creation with a Focus on Sub-Saharan Africa (Information Technologies & International Development)

Digital Labour and Development: Impacts of Global Digital Labour Platforms and the Gig Economy on Worker Livelihoods (Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research)

Policy Primer on the Internet of Everything (International Chamber of Commerce)