Oxford Workshop

The DIODE network held a two-day workshop in Oxford, UK on 9-10 October 2017.

An overview report from the workshop provides more detail about research themes, identifies policy / practice issues, summarises four future research topics, and summarises the workshop structure and content.

Links to all of the workshop presentations can be found below.

DIODE Oxford Workshop 3

The workshop identified four research themes within the overall domain of digital economies and development:

  • Cross-Cutting Digital Economy: measuring the digital economy in developing countries; digital inequality; Global South as different
  • Digital Labour: digital activism; impact sourcing
  • Digital Policy: policy content; policy process; policy structure
  • Digital Enterprise: developing country-specific challenges

The workshop consisted of:

  • A workshop of presentations on “Development Implications of Digital Economies: Policy and Practice”.
  • An activity workshop that established key policy and practice issues around three themes: Digital Economy Policy; Digital Enterprise Strategy; and Digital Labour Activism.
  • A half-day activity workshop on the research agenda and research priorities on digital economies in developing countries, which is summarised in four focal action areas (analysing and reforming digital labour; the development value of digital platforms; digital enterprise and development; improving digital policy in the Global South).