Oxford Workshop Presentations

Presentation Author(s)
Changing connectivity and global knowledge economies Mark Graham, Sanna Ojanperä & Amir Anwar (Oxford Internet Institute)
Where are online workers located? The international division of digital gig work Vili Lehdonvirta & Otto Kassi (Oxford Internet Institute)
Understanding the development implications of online outsourcing Fareesa Malik, Brian Nicholson & Richard Heeks (University of Manchester)
Can digital-age work in the Global South move beyond exploitative arrangements? MN Ravishankar & Andrei Gurca (Loughborough University)
Crowdsourcing and India’s Informal economy Neha Gupta (Experience Lab)
Trying to think about criteria for fair work digital labor platforms Six Silberman (IG Metall) & Ellie Harmon (Portland State University)
The Information Economy Report 2017: Digitalization, Trade and Development Torbjorn Fredriksson (UNCTAD)
Digitisation, multinational corporations and economic development Helena Barnard (University of Pretoria)
Ideologies and pedagogies of digital economies in India Lilly Irani (University of California, San Diego)
Policy influence on digitalization and economic development – the case of Ghana Emmanuel Fiagbenu (National IT Agency, Ghana)
Digital transformation in Thailand: policy and institutional reforms Kasititorn Pooparadai (Digital Economy Promotion Agency, Thailand)
The role of multi-stakeholders’ intervention in the sustainability of digital start-ups: case of Azerbaijan Rauf Jabarov (Ministry of Transport, Communication and High Technologies, Azerbaijan)
Translating the promises of the digital economy for development cooperation: some insights from practice Norman Schraepel (GIZ)
Data in digital trade debates: focus on RCEP negotiations Anita Gurumurthy (IT for Change)
Digital entrepreneurship in Africa: an uneven and challenging landscape Nicolas Friederici (Oxford Internet Institute)
Entrepreneurship ecosystem building Lukonga Lindunda (BongoHive)
Sharing economy and crowdsourcing for inclusive growth Adetayo Bamiduro (Max.ng)
Open data platforms and collective engagement in Latin America: evidence from Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Montevideo Carla Bonina (University of Surrey)
Ethical standards for digital labour platforms Richard Heeks (University of Manchester)