Manchester Workshop Presentations


Presentation Author(s)
Digital economy initiatives in Indonesia and their impact on inclusive development Wirawan Agahari (Centre for Innovation Policy and Governance, Indonesia)
Development implications of digital economies: the case of Egypt Nagwa Elshenawy (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Egypt)
Why we need feminist digital economics Becky Faith (Institute of Development Studies, Sussex)
Work and income security among workers in on-demand digital economy: issues and challenges in developing economies Uma Rani Amara (International Labour Organization)
Crowdsourcing as a platform for digital labor unions? A critical analysis of how crowdsourcing enables dialogue between brands and global laborers Payal Arora (Erasmus University) & Linnea Thompson (Consultant)
A Fairwork Foundation: towards fair work in the platform economy Mark Graham & Jamie Woodcock (University of Oxford)
Policy for digital industrialisation in developing countries Parminder Jeet Singh (IT for Change)
Tech hubs and development: a spatial perspective Andrea Jimenez (University of Sheffield) & Yingqin Zheng (Royal Holloway, University of London)
Digital payments platform in India Sumandro Chattapadhya (Centre for Internet and Society, Bengaluru) & Saman Goudarzi (University of Toronto)
The digital transformation of work in the developing world: challenges and opportunities Linda Gabel (GIZ)
Power and relations in theories of digital economies and development: current approaches and directions forward Christopher Foster (University of Sheffield)
Digital economy in Thailand: from policy to implementation Kasi Pooparadai (Digital Economy Promotion Agency, Thailand)
The developmental state and the platform economy Balaji Parthasarathy (IIIT-Bangalore)
Factors underpinning failure of digital start-ups in developing countries Rauf Jabarov (Ministry of Transport, Communication and High Technologies, Azerbaijan)
Panel: Future research priorities relating to digital economies and developing countries Niels Beerepoot (University of Amsterdam)

Carla Bonina (University of Surrey)

Emmanuel Fiagbenu (Ghana Multimedia Incubator Centre – NITA)

Jacki O’Neill (Microsoft Research, India)

MN Ravishankar (Loughborough University)